Practice Sessions

tumblr_nz5hwuNuto1r9943oo1_1280I’m just about ready to wrap up work on one phase of my dissertation project, and as I get ready to move on to the next section of the manuscript, I thought now would be a good time to collect some of the pieces I’ve put together over the past several months and put them all in one place. Below are links to a few of my recent essays, articles, and presentations that cover everything from Pierre Hadot and Peter Sloterdijk to extended cognition and media ecology and more.

“The Side View: Hadot and Sloterdijk on the Practice of Philosophy.” Published in Cosmos and History, Vol 13, No. 1Article available here.

“Media Ecology, Practice, and Philosophy.” Audio presentation available here.

“Media Ecology and Bios Theoretikos: Philosophy as Extended Cognition.” Article published in Explorations in Media Ecology, Vol 17, No. 2. Article available here (or as a pdf download here).

“Philosophical Inquiry as Spiritual Exercise.” Audio presentation available here.

“Pierre Hadot on Philosophy as a Way of Life.” Paper available online here (or as a pdf download here).


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