The Ecology of the Concept Essay

Over the summer, I submitted a reworked version of my PACT conference paper to a fairly well-respected journal in the fields of philosophy, phenomenology, and cognitive science. When I received the paper’s rejection letter, I wasn’t too surprised, nor was I too discouraged by the news. I knew going into the submission process that the journal has a pretty high rejection rate, and that it’s a bit above my current pay grade as graduate student. Still, I found the comments that I received from both reviewers to be quite helpful and generous, and I’ll be working on updating the paper in the coming months to take advantage of that helpful feedback. Right now my attention is focused on preparing for an upcoming comprehensive exam on the work of Pierre Hadot, and it’ll be some time before I can return to this paper and its future iterations. So, for now, I’m sharing the paper below, and I’m uploading a pdf here. Continue reading

Speaking at PACT on Friday

PACT PROGRAM 2017 image

I’ll be speaking at the meeting of the Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition (PACT) this Friday at the University of San Francisco. The full program is available here. My schedule has been unreasonably busy as of late, but I’ll try and report back on the overall feel of the conference. It looks like it will be a good one. For those interested, I’m copying the intro for my talk below. Readers will no doubt recognize the themes as they’re similar to what I’ve been writing about here in the past few months. Continue reading

The Side View: Perception, Practice, & Knowledge

tsv open call-1

Readers, I’m sharing above the flyer for our call for contributors to the Fall 2017 essay series of the Side View. You can also download a pdf HERE. Feel free to share widely with your networks.

I’ll be posting a few more updates here as we get closer to the launch of the Side View website, but I promise not to inundate Knowledge Ecology readers with this news forever!

Thanks for helping me spread the word!

The Side View – A Call for Contributors

The Side View Logo Final V1“Attention is an art form. We explore how people shape their minds to become expert perceivers and doers.”

I’ve been working on a new project as of late. I’m calling it the Side View. It’s a media organization (podcasts, essays, interviews, books, events, that sort of thing). The basic premise—to study the skills of perception in action—is one that grows out of the work I’ve been posting about here for the past several months, but it’s much more than that. It’s a whole media environment.

The official launch is several weeks off yet. I’m aiming for Fall 2017. However, the major components of the website are already in place and I’ve been working with a graphic designer on logo and branding elements. I also have a sound engineer helping me set up and use the recording equipment for podcasts, and I already have several contributors ready to go. Things are shaping up.

The Side View will be larger than a blog or a podcast. I’ve been running my own editing business for a few years now, so I’m well-placed to produce quality books (electronic and hard copy) and other media materials. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, which means there’s plenty of opportunities to throw live events related to the Side View themes. Stay tuned for more info on that.

All of this is to say that moving forward I’ll be scouting for contributors who are looking for a venue for their work—for short written pieces, art pieces, training or teaching programs, podcast contributions, and things I haven’t thought of yet. Trained and expert modes of perception, along with the practices that deliver them, are the uniting theme, and as people will see this broadly includes the insights of philosophers, athletes, meditators, artists, crafts and tradespeople, musicians, designers, engineers, psychologists, and more.

I’m pasting in below the general description of the project. Feel free to share it widely with folks you know who may be interested. If you have an idea for an essay or a podcast episode drop me a quick line at arobbert84(at)gmail(dot)com. I can respond there with more details about the style guide, appropriate length, publishing schedule, and so on. I can also share with you the website URL, so that you can see how our work will be presented.

Finally, I just launched two social media channels for the Side View, on Twitter (@TheSideViewCo) and Instagram (also @TheSideViewCo). While the official launch is still weeks off, you can follow these accounts for updates leading up to our first podcasts and publications. I’ll be doing a more sustained push for followers and so on then.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in collaborating! Details below. Continue reading